I am a woman who does not need to prove anything to anyone

I am a woman who does not need to prove anything to anyone

I'm the kind of woman who doesn't need to prove anything to anyone. I got tired of pleasing others, of giving explanations to those who do not want to hear them, to move seas and mountains for people who do not even deign me of their respect. They are all you can see: honesty, integrity, courage and dignity .

These ideas sum up the concept of personal fulfillment very well. They are small daily challenges to overcome in order to get rid of all those useless layers that have done nothing but distance us from our happiness, which have taken away the opportunity to achieve our goals and our goals.

I find myself in that phase of life in which, to offend me, you have to interest me: I no longer give explanations to those who have both their hearts and ears plugged. I am a woman without masks and with a humble soul who does not need to prove anything to anyone.

There are many women who struggle every day for their personal fulfillment, sometimes so difficult to achieve. Facts such as the imbalance between salaries, discrimination at work or having to deal with phrases such as 'you can't', 'you don't know', 'you don't have to', force us to fight one battle double: the external one and the more intimate, profound and necessary, emotional and psychological one.

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The constant need to prove something to be accepted

Love must be confirmed every day, there is no doubt about this, but we often find ourselves in situations where affection is almost extorted. Obviously this can happen for both genders, but it is more common for the woman to have to demonstrate that she is ready for anything for her spouse, to have to put aside her own needs and desires to fulfill the expectations of others.

We have to be good daughters to our parents, to our family, even if they have disrespected us on several occasions, when we were trying to take a step forward or make a dream come true. After a short time they put a point in our ruminations by saying 'It's not for you'. We have been pleased with them for a long time and drawn smiles on our face even when they weren't spontaneous, when we felt nothing but despair.

In spite of everything, there comes a day when we open our eyes, turn on that inner light that connects us directly with our emotions to say 'enough' . It is then that we realize that the only person to whom we have to prove something is ourselves and not others.

Because when we connect with our needs, the world begins to turn following the sound of another music, more relaxing and beautiful.

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We break away to find ourselves

When we meet again with ourselves after complex personal moments, we will never be the same again. We will no longer be those little girls with flooded eyes dreams , who tried to write their initials in the firmament. We will no longer be those teenagers who craved a romantic love in which to give everything for nothing. We will no longer be those young people who confuse their own happiness with that of others.

I am everything you see, without tricks or artifices. If you don't like me, amen. I don't live to please others.

When you have found yourself, you will realize all the futile things, all the artifices, the mental noise, all those rotten relationships that tore the wings off your back. To be a woman who doesn't need to prove anything to anyone, you need to put the following tips into practice.

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Tips for personal fulfillment

It is not possible to be complete people by keeping ourselves on the margins of others. Each of us has very important social and emotional commitments: work, partner, family. Is it possible to aspire to personal fulfillment with all these responsibilities?

  • Personal fulfillment consists precisely in the need that all these spheres (work, affective, personal) offer us the maximum fullness and the maximum Balance . We need harmony.
  • If we are forced to prove something every day to be accepted in every context, then there is something wrong. If they question our abilities at work, if our partner asks us to stay home to show them we love them, we will severely damage our self-esteem.
  • You must understand that, before you can prove anything to someone, you must first prove it to yourself. Do not try to please or be accepted by others, otherwise they will be the first to rise as oracles or judges, as craftsmen of a path that you should build for yourself.

The eternal need to prove something that does not represent us or to seek the approval of others is a slow torture that can never end. Don't allow it, be authentic, always be yourself and don't negotiate your integrity - the price is the loss of happiness.