Historical novels that broaden horizons

Historical novels see the light in nineteenth-century Europe, in the romantic current and rapidly spread throughout the world.

Historical novels that broaden horizons

Historical novels have the gift of transporting us to other scenarios and other eras . A good novel has the power to make us travel outside our reality, in contact with distant cultures, suggestive landscapes, memorable characters and exotic foods.

It is a literary genre that recreates the atmosphere of an era, mixing historical and fictional characters or events.  I historical novels they see the light in nineteenth-century Europe, in the romantic current and rapidly spread throughout the world.

We have made for you a review of five historical novels that have left their mark. The settings range from prehistoric times to ancient Rome up to the Middle Ages, passing through feudal Japan.

5 historical novels that broaden our horizons

Ayla - Daughter of the Earth (Jean Marie Auel)

It is the story of Ayla, a Cro-Magnon girl who, due to an earthquake, is orphaned and isolated from her clan. She will be forced to struggle to survive and eventually be accepted by a group of neanderthaliani . He will first have to prove his courage and face many dangers and pitfalls.

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It is the first novel in the saga The children of the Earth , published in 1980 and transports us to prehistory. Precisely in the last phase of the Ice Age, when Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals live in conflict, competing for resources and territories.

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Jean Marie Auel has not only documented the most important hypotheses regarding the life of the first human beings; it is also based on the most accredited theories about our survival strategies ancestors . The novel is full of descriptions: hunting and gathering techniques, customs, construction methods , etc.

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Me, Claudio (Robert Graves)

Among historical novels, it is a classic. It is written in the form of an autobiography, that of Tiberius Claudius , fourth emperor of Rome of the Julio-Claudian dynasty.

It transports us to the times of the Roman Empire, from the assassination of Julius Caesar (44 BC) to Caligula (41 BC). It is a representation of the greatness, cruelty and perversion of the rulers of imperial Rome.

Statue of Caesar Augustus

Written in 1934 by Robert Graves, Me, Claudio it is considered one of the most beautiful historical novels of the last century.

It is a work in which several literary genres appear, in which betrayals, disaffections, madness alternate, humor and battles. It offers a complete insight into the life and key characters of troubled classical Rome.

The Pillars of the Earth (Ken Follet)

The characters of this novel move against the backdrop of the construction of a majestic Gothic cathedral . This book chronicles life, hardship, hardship and death through various generations, of builders and kings.

Written by best-selling author Ken Follet, The Pillars of the Earth has achieved enormous international success. The first book of a trilogy, it transports us to medieval England, into a fascinating world of dynastic struggles and aristocratic dramas. An intertwining of stories that few historical novels have managed to equal.

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The scent  (Patrick Süskind)

The young Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, gifted with a prodigious sense of smell, is obsessed with the search for the perfect fragrance. Abandoned as a baby in the waste, he climbs the social ladder with great determination becoming a famous perfumer.

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His creations have fantastic evocative abilities, capable of arousing moods such as sympathy, love or compassion . His obsession with creating the perfect fragrance leads him to kill young virgins to extract their bodily fluid.

This story, written by Patrick Süskind in 1985, is set in 18th century France . It offers a fairly accurate description of the time; the sublime fragrances of master perfumers and the nauseating smell of open-air sewers coexisted in the French streets. It is an olfactory journey, among the delicate scents, a privilege of high society, and the stench and miasma that were part of the everyday life of the street man.

Shogun  (James Clavell)

It is the fascinating encounter between the western and eastern world. It follows the story of the English navigator John Blackthorne, imprisoned in a small fishing village at the beginning of the 17th century. Thanks to his courage, his adaptability and intelligence, he will become a prisoner without honor samurai in the service of the daimyo.

Thanks to this character, two dissimilar worlds such as Western and Eastern culture are reconciled. This will only be possible by accepting their differences and learning to respect the philosophy and spirituality of feudal Japan.

Japanese painting depicting a battle between samurai

Shogun, written by James Clavell in 1975, it is a novel full of adventures and philosophical reflections. We especially recommend it to those who are in love with Japan and want to learn more about samurai life.

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