When the soul needs to cry

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I like the news about old beliefs that fade over time .

The other day I read that scientists believe that presentiments are no longer just a popular legend that is lost in the mists of time. From today you will have to pay attention to your presentiments: studies show that we are able to anticipate something that will happen in a period of time of less than five seconds, although it does not always happen, but it does.

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It's not interesting? Of course yes, but today I discovered something that is right for those who refuse to express their emotions, those who always think about remaining composed . I have always maintained that if we have the ability to laugh and cry why should we deprive ourselves of it? I usually laugh in total lightness, if I have to laugh for a joke or for a happy event I savor it to the fullest, and if I have to cry, I cry in absolute freedom, I don't want to keep tears in my heart that make me feel frustrated or hurt for a long time. I prefer to let them flow and let the wind carry them away. Sounds slightly poetic, I know. However, recent studies claim that crying is good for the soul .

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This is nothing new since for sure you have experienced it firsthand when, overwhelmed by problems, you let yourself be carried away by tears. When you have lost someone who was important to you, when distance or closeness hurt you, when you cried for frustrations, for small victories and for big ones defeats . However, I insist that it is not what people who believe we should always be controlled think we should do, people who believe that tears are a weakness.

We don't even think we get attached to crying. Life also requires integrity, but when we want to cry because we feel downcast, why not let these tears free us from that feeling? Why deny happiness a few tears that always fall easily and then disappear silently? They say that after the storm comes calm, so crying is good as it frees us from frustration and from stress , and experts say that after crying it feels better. Although things do not change with a few tears, we can always, and in this you will agree with me, resume life's commitments more calmly. You cry because it is healthy and you cry because it lightens the soul. “External emotion, outdated emotion”.

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