Protect your energy!

Protect your energy!

Every relationship is based on exchange. They exchange advice, opinions, information, gifts, favors and, between women , it is very common even to exchange clothes. However, many do not think about the exchange of energy that takes place in our relationships. There are people who invigorate us and who leave us with a smile on their face, and others who make us depress and who suck all our energy.

Although it may seem strange to you, in the parlance of some psychologists these people are called 'energy vampires'. The truth is, the name fits perfectly because as well as vampires these individuals can make yourself an aspirator energy .

After outlining this unpleasant figure it is fair to clarify that the majority of these people are unaware of the damage they cause. He just has a whimpering attitude, seeks pity from others or sometimes hurts others because they have been hurt themselves .

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How to defend yourself from energy 'thieves' or 'vampires'?

Psychologist Sherrie Bourg Carter argues that the first step in defending oneself from this class of individuals is by identifying them, also including a self-analysis to find out if we too are one of them. Then, you need to determine how much time you want to spend with these people.

Personal achievement pro Craig Harper says in his article Protect Yourself Against Energy Vampires (Protect Yourself Against Energy Vampires) that after identifying these people, a resolution must be made to change the way you communicate or interact with them . Therefore, you cannot allow them words harm you in the same way a friend's words would harm you.

When a friend tells you a problem, you worry about him, put yourself in his shoes and offer solidarity using your energy to find a solution. Nevertheless, with one of these people the use of this energy is in vain .

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Find the trap and avoid it

Very often these individuals want to have the same conversation over and over (although in general it looks more like a monologue) about their problems, but they are neither willing to act nor accept your advice. Although it can be a little annoying, sometimes you just have to say things like 'Last week we talked about [your abusive relationship, your maddening job or what is your favorite chant]; if you are not willing to do anything about it, I don't think you can contribute anything else on this issue ”.

In extreme cases, even if it may sound a bit harsh, these people should be avoided. In the article quoted earlier, Harper shares a tactic that has worked for him. “When a vampire energy enters my office, I stand up as if I'm about to go somewhere. I give him a few minutes and if I realize that he is heading towards the same theme as always, I start walking and close the conversation ”.

Sounds rather obnoxious? Then think about this: we all want to have compassion and help our colleagues and family. However, some people just don't want to be helped; they just look for an outlet and leave some of their load on you. They go away lightened and leave you dejected. This is not a true friendship. Friends give and receive. Defend your energy and protect yourself.

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