The last day


'Every day I look in the mirror and ask myself: if today were the last day of my life, would I do what I will do today? If the answer is NO for several consecutive days, I know I need to change something. '

Steve Jobs

We all came to try at some point the immediate need to make a radical change, be it work, mental, spiritual or personal ; we all always have that something to change.

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What often happens is that you don't know how to make this big change or you can't find the courage to implement it. Many people are waiting for 'the perfect opportunity' to arrive, for this to knock on their door and for them to be able to entrust them with the change they need.

Here is an example to think about:

An old dog who had spent many years locked in a cage, behind a net that he had been hitting for many years to get out and be free, was so tired of doing the same thing day after day that he finally decided to just cry. One day a child passing by was saddened at the sight of that dog and opened the lock of the cage. The dog just had to push the net to get out, but the child was somewhat surprised to see that the dog stood still in front of it and continued to cry. The opportunity to be free had arrived and he hadn't even realized it.

It happens very often in life: opportunities to change come all the time, but sometimes you are unable to recognize them or, for fear of the unknown, they let themselves go away waiting for an easy opportunity or that 'perfect moment' to achieve the great change .

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'A desire changes nothing, an action changes everything'

There will never come a time in life that is ideal for making a drastic change, there will always be risks and things that are difficult to break away from. ; better not wait for this perfect moment to take action. What needs to be done is to create the perfect moment, the ideal opportunity and the situation he expected.

When you have the courage to make a change in your life, which at first can scare or force you to leave your own comfort zones, they can discovering inclinations or abilities you were not aware of; you can understand that having everything you wanted was just a matter of making up your own mind and that not all dreams can come true if you just crave . Do not ask anyone to offer you the opportunity you want, do not pray that life will bring an extraordinary change on its own, you are capable of it and you can attract fabulous changes to you.

If you are not who you want to be, if you don't have what you want, if you are not where you think you should be, this it has nothing to do with fate or karma or conspiracies, but rather that you are not making a sacrifice and nothing else to change it .

There are many people in the world who stop wanting personal change, who stop dreaming, believing, wanting anything, and who stop moving forward; people who get ready to go to work they don't like, people who wake up very early every day to follow a routine that makes them feel bad, people who continue to relate to others they don't want, people who hate their profession, but who continue to do it.

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When you do this, you are literally shortening the years of your life and throwing them to the wind.

Maybe you've gotten to a point where no one believes anymore that the situation will be different or that it can be fixed, and this is a feeling of loneliness which can occur when one is dedicated to promising and not keeping. You try a lot solitude , particularly when this feeling comes from family or friends.

Even sadder is that most people take greatness, ideas, dreams and goals with them to the grave , making the cemetery the richest place on the planet. In the graveyard there are ideas that have never been shown, changes and visions that have never become reality, aspirations and dreams that have never been pursued.

It is very simple to fail in life, no effort is required to be a loser, no motivation or aspiration is required to keep low, but everything one has to cultivate the will to say 'I will change my life' is required.

'It is not in the stars that our destiny is preserved, but in ourselves.' William Shakespeare

Some changes are just an honest decision, other times they are a lot of little things done right. Do not run away from your condition anymore, do not insert more 'but' into your life , take it all and make it the perfect opportunity.

Waking up in the morning isn't obvious to anyone, so make today the big day you've been waiting for; only if you have the courage to change will you know how far you can go. The question is: will you make sure that your actions are in accordance with what you want from your life?

Image courtesy of: Jim Guy