The best phrases of Osho to reflect

The best phrases of Osho to reflect

Osho's phrases speak of love, conscience and personal growth. They are a gift for anyone who wants to reflect, question themselves and go further.

Osho was a spiritual philosopher, an Indian guru and a great speaker. He devoted much of his life to giving speeches throughout India. He also spent some time in the United States, where he founded a community known as Rajnishpuram. However, some of his actions were not without criticism and controversy.

Those who knew him called him a revolutionary. A person capable of refuting the deepest beliefs of his society . Thanks to his charisma and his oratory skills, he was able to gain thousands of supporters and convey to them his way of seeing life and death.

He wrote a large number of spiritual books, among which they stand out The book of secrets , With you and without you is Dynamic meditation. Osho has certainly left us a great legacy that today we can remember with some of his best phrases.

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The best phrases of Osho

Love is knowing how to appreciate

To love is to know how to give wings, not to chain . It is the concept of love by Osho. If we limit our partner, if we require him to behave in a certain way or to change, he will no longer be who we love. He will lose all his essence and become who he is not. You have to respect others and accept their nature.

“If you love a flower, don't pick it up. Because if you pick it up, it dies and ceases to be what you loved. If you love a flower let it live. Love is not possessing; L'

To mature is to accept the responsibility of being oneself

'Be yourself. Never try to be different so you can mature. Maturity is accepting the responsibility of being oneself at any cost. '

It is one of the Osho phrases to always keep in mind. To be as others desire is not to mature but to please, seek approval, and ultimately deceive oneself .

The mature person accepts himself and, above all, is responsible for himself in every sense. He does not play the role of victim, but of protagonist and acts accordingly. He does not wait for things to happen, but takes the path to build his destiny. He does not even ignore his mistakes, instead he sees them as an opportunity to grow.

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Joy as a priority in Osho's sentences

Osho considered it essential to enjoy a full life. However, he did not speak of a superficial and material joy, but of that which comes from within, from consciousness . A feeling that arises from the appreciation of the small details and the miracles that surround us every day.

He also bet on change rather than apathy and suffering. Her phrases urge us to step out of our comfort zone to find our place in the world and self-actualize.

“Rejoice” If you can't rejoice with your work, change. Do not wait!'

We are unique

“Nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but it is also true that nobody is equal. People are simply unique, incomparable. You are you, I am me. I have to contribute my potential to life, you have to contribute your potential to life. I must discover my being, you must discover your being. '

Another of Osho's phrases that is worth memorizing, understanding it as the beginning of a reflection. We are neither superior nor inferior nor equal. We are limited edition . For this reason, comparisons are rarely correct, simply because we are not in conditions of equality.

To live, according to the system, taking as a point of reference what others do or imagine they would do is a mistake. The goal is quite distinct, it is a question of exploiting all one's potential taking into account one's abilities; a task for which it is necessary to connect with others and offer the best of oneself.

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The art of unlearning

This spiritual philosopher invited unlearning for tear down the old walls that limit us and replace them with new ones , flexible to guarantee us space if we need it.

Osho spoke of empowerment  and freedom from guilt. He saw the problems and mistakes without demands and condemnations. With his words he tells us that we are not wrong, but our way of considering and seeing what happens to us inside and outside. For this reason, there is always a solution: look for another perspective, another angle, another point of view.

“You are not wrong! Only your model, the way you learned to live is wrong. The motives that you have learned and accepted as yours are not yours. They don't fulfill your destiny. '

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The courage to look within

Osho reminds us that in addition to breaking the mold, facing what we fear or daring, the greatest act of courage lies in our ability to look within.

Having the audacity to discover fears, fill gaps and illuminate our broken parts is essential if we want to continue growing. We must be careful, because just as it moves us forward, it can make us retreat and imprison us. We must look within ourselves with responsibility, acceptance and respect.

'I know of no greater courage than it takes to look within.'

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The importance of the present moment

The present moment is a central topic in Osho's sentences, in fact it is camouflaged in many quotes by this philosopher. The power of the present and the awareness of it gives us the experience of living intensely .

If we anchor ourselves in the past or cling to expectations, life fades without realizing it. Being happy does not depend on yesterday or tomorrow, but on today and apparently we have a bad habit of forgetting it.

“This is the simple secret of happiness. Whatever you do, don't allow the past to interfere, don't allow the future to bother you. Because the past no longer exists, the future hasn't arrived yet. Living in memory, living in imagination is living in non-existence. '

Live without fear

Fear limits, paralyzes, traps and shrinks. It steals our life. Be brave and face what you fear. Otherwise, we will always remain in the 'What if ...', 'But ...' and expectations.

We must overcome the fear, we must have the courage to cross the line and see what happens. We often imagine a much more catastrophic scenario than the real one.

'Life begins where fear ends.'

Enjoy your company

'If you can't enjoy your own company, who will enjoy it?'

This phrase from Osho invites us to reflect to show us the importance of self-love, not only for ourselves but also for our relationships.

Do you really think that by considering you unpleasant, loser and useless people, others will enjoy your company? We give with all of ourselves only what we feel and really believe in. If we want a healthy relationship based on trust , therefore, we must first believe and trust ourselves .

As we can see, Osho's sentences are a valid legacy. They can represent the thread from which to give birth to a thought, but also the first drop of many others that will constitute a conversation. Words to use if we want to question ourselves and really get to know each other and then get to know others.

Self-reflection: the key to personal growth and emotional freedom

Self-reflection: the key to personal growth and emotional freedom

Self-reflection invites us to detach ourselves from certainties and to question rigid thoughts, it also reminds us that we are free beings