The best phrases of Carl Rogers

The best phrases of Carl Rogers

The sentences of Carl Rogers they speak of destiny control, experience and personal growth, as well as the value of people and our relationships with others.

Starting from the 1950s, Carl Rogers has become a leading figure in the humanistic approach to psychology . Le sue migliori pubblicazioni sono “Client-Centered Therapy: Its Current Practice, Implications and Theory” (1951) e “On Becoming a Person: A Therapist’s View of Psychotherapy” (1961).

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Along with Abraham Maslow, he was a psychologist who placed a lot of emphasis on personal development. In particular, many of Carl Rogers' phrases help people reflect on their own existence . For this we have collected his best phrases.

The 7 best phrases of Carl Rogers

Empathy: a frequent theme in Carl Rogers' sentences

'Being empathetic is seeing the world through the eyes of the other and not seeing our world reflected in his eyes'.

Empathy it is a fundamental concept in Carl Rogers' perspective , in fact, it is considered one of the basic attitudes that a person must develop to achieve self-realization.

Being empathetic, for Carl Rogers, does not mean putting yourself in someone else's shoes by keeping your own personal vision, but taking his own. Empathy requires a thorough exercise of reflection and knowledge on how the other person observes and experiences the world around him.

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Empathy is not simply what we would do in the same situation, but how we would act in his situation taking into account his vision of life.

Direct experience as a priority

“Neither the Bible, nor the prophets, nor the revelations of God or of men. Nothing has priority over direct experience '.

This is one of Carl Rogers' phrases that can perhaps create more controversy or that at least invites us to reflect. With it he wants to underline the fact that our most important guide is not found in others or even in a school of thought or religion, but within oneself .

Rogers provides the highest authority in personal experience . Although he believes that i judgments others should be listened to, he thinks they cannot serve as a guide. Every human being, therefore, must be treated as a unique person, worthy of respect, with the right to evaluate their experience in their own way, and with ample powers of autonomous choice.

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Acceptance as an impetus for change

“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself as I am, then I can change”.

For Rogers acceptance it is the basis of change . If not, then it is impossible to change because the mind is lost. Observing who we are and knowing ourselves is the key to improving and evolving.

The value of being yourself

'I feel happier simply by being myself and letting others be themselves.'

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Carl Rogers thinks people are as beautiful as the setting sun, if allowed to be. In other words, appreciates their sincerity and authenticity above all , the natural state of each of us.

Rogers has found through his relationships that, in the long run, it doesn't help to act differently from the person you are. We cannot be happy if we don't show ourselves as we are, because we are refusing .

The admission of feelings

'It is not a question of taking away the sensation of the mind, nor of hiding it, but of experiencing it with acceptance'.

When we experience any feeling, the appropriate action is to accept it, without evading or suppressing it . The feeling must be sheltered in order to discover what it is telling us. What is the message it brings us. Only then will we be able to know others and ourselves.

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Tolerance to uncertainty

“I realize that if I were stable, prudent and static, I would live in death. Therefore, I accept confusion, uncertainty, fear and emotional ups and downs. Because this is the price I am willing to pay for a fluid, confusing and exciting life ”.

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Fear and uncertainty are companions in our life. Not everything is controllable and predictable, nor is it safe. Confusion will always occur, as will emotional ups and downs, and we need to be prepared for that .

Maintaining the idea that we can control everything that happens around us stems from the fear of not knowing how to react to what happens. It is the result of insecurity. And although it is possible to deal with it, sometimes we act as if it is not, creating a rigid mindset that imprisons us.

If we want to live fluently, we must learn to let go to make way for flexibility and fun.

Learning to learn

'The man who educates himself is the one who learns to learn'.

Carl Rogers meant as an educated person one who seeks to learn and change . Self-knowledge and self-realization walk hand in hand along the path of life. The one who educates himself is the one who informs himself, reflects, questions himself and challenges himself to learn.

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As you can see, Carl Rogers' phrases are a great source of knowledge that aims to help people . In his early years as a professional he always asked himself the same question: how can I treat, cure or change this person? But experience has meant that the formulation of the question changed: how can I provide a relationship that this person can use for his own personal growth?

His numerous contributions to the psychotherapy and his innovative vision of therapeutic practice are still alive today. There are many theories he has developed, but certainly knowing the best phrases of Carl Rogers helps to understand his way of thinking and lead us to reflection.

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