Women and the moon: a link to understand the female cycle

Women and the moon: a link to understand the female cycle

The woman's body and the female cycle are connected to the moon and the earth. The woman, through her menstrual cycle, transits through the different lunar energies (new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon). These are in turn related to the different seasons (spring, summer, autumn and winter).

In ancient times, by culture and tradition, this link between woman and nature was well known. Rituals were performed and stories were told that explained this relationship. From an early age, girls understood themselves, their bodies and menstruation. They saw it as a sacred thing and not as something to hide.

Currently, in Western countries, women do not pay enough attention to the emotional and energetic changes they experience during their cycle. Very often they try to live as if these phases do not affect them and this presupposes a loss of Welfare and an underestimation of one's potential.

The moon and its influence

The phases of the moon coincide with the phases of the menstrual cycle. The moods and hormonal ones are influenced by the moon. Just as the moon takes approximately 28 days to make a complete circle around the Earth, the menstrual cycle is approximately 28 days. Menstrual cycles correspond to the phases of the moon: new moon, waxing moon, full moon and waning moon.

In ancient times, the natural rhythm of every woman was to menstruate during the new moon period and ovulate during the full moon. We know this thanks to our ancestors, those for whom the only way to keep time was by observing the phases of the moon.

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Nowadays, with so much artificial light, the continuous use of computers, the lights on all night in the streets ... it is almost impossible to live according to natural light. Artificial light affects the natural female rhythm and confuses sensitivity and biological rhythm, causing irregular cycles and causing menstruation to occur during the period of a full moon or another lunar phase that does not correspond to the new moon.

“The moon and the woman are the same. Both are female, cyclical and life-giving '

The four phases of the cycle, the phases of the moon and the seasons of the year

Period. New Moon. Winter

It is the reflective phase, the dark phase par excellence, the phase of silence, of introspection, of solitude, the one to 'look inside'. The woman wants to be calm and the interaction with the outside can annoy her. His body is more sensitive, so he can connect in a special way with it and with the messages it transmits. During this phase, the woman can trust her instincts and intuition more.

It is the right time to preserve silence, stillness and to meditate. This means allowing yourself time for your menstrual cycle, as far as possible. It is at this time that the female body recovers its energies. That is to say, seek rest to be stronger and begin the waxing moon phase with vitality.

Pre-ovulatory phase. Crescent Moon. Spring

The week following the cycle coincides with spring, with renewal, with an increase in physical energy. It is a transition phase between the menstrual cycle (dark, winter) and ovulation (light, summer). For this, they are suitable days to start new projects that will materialize during the next phase (ovulation).

It demonstrates a high analytical, concentration and planning capacity. Master mental strength and clear thoughts. Emotions are more stable and vital energy is at its peak. During the waxing moon phase, women need less rest and feel more confident in themselves. There is an inclination to social life, you want to go out and have fun.

'The pre-ovulatory phase is the best time in our cycle to start new projects, to take the initiative, work and get results' -Miranda Gray-

Ovulation. Full moon. Summer

Ovulation is the expressive, sociable, empathic and radiant phase. There is a greater inclination towards what you love. It is the moment when the woman is most fertile, which is why it is a phase full of energy and vitality. It is a fertile phase in all aspects: to give life to work, personal and family projects ...

During these days, self-confidence and self-esteem increase. There is also an increased sexual drive.

'During ovulation, our feeling of personal well-being is directly related to the expression of our feelings of love, gratitude and affection' -Miranda Gray-

Pre-menstruation. Luna Calante. Autumn

During this phase begins to reduce physical energy. We feel the need to free ourselves and let go of what is of no benefit to us. Like trees do with leaves. Many women they live in this period the famous premenstrual syndrome.

These are days in which one is again inclined to peer into oneself. The ability to concentrate and memory are reduced . IS the right moment to ask questions about one's desires, needs, fears… it is the ideal phase to heal oneself and continue in the process of personal growth. Sexual desire may also become more intense during these days.

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What Happens During Menopause?

Even if menstruation does not occur, the cycles continue to exist and exert their influence. The reality changes, because it is a different phase, but from the hormonal point of view, the female cyclical process is preserved.

The postmenopausal woman is not subject to the reproductive cycle. Energetically speaking, it is now more powerful. All that energy, which was renewed month after month, flowing outwards, now begins an internal circuit and continues to sustain the natural female rhythm.

What is this information for?

This journey of knowledge and understanding of the cyclical nature of women promotes self-knowledge, femininity and happiness. Part of the Every woman's personal development should direct her efforts to connect with her menstrual cycle, its phases, energies and potentials. In this sense, the main tool to do this is to know how the menstrual cycle affects us.

When a woman is conscious and knows her cycles, she can manage its activities and its life in accordance with its natural processes.

I know who I am and I have nothing to prove

I know who I am and I have nothing to prove

There are few liberating sensations like that of living without having to prove something, feeling authentic, masters of ourselves ...