There is a more powerful driving force than steam, electricity and atomic energy: the will . [Albert Einstein]

The power of will is a skill we can learn and develop . It's like a muscle, it can be trained. Just as physical and mental preparation is essential for athletes, we must also prepare ourselves to achieve our goals, it is very important.

How can the will be defined?

Etymologically speaking, the term “will” derives from the Latin “voluntas-atis” and means “to want”. However, this concept implies many other factors, such as the ability to to make decisions , choosing an option among the many available, the tendency or the desire for something that guarantees us the opportunity to discover, the determination that concretizes and relates to the ability to evaluate and identify our goals, action, as a factor definitive to put into practice what we want .

When the will has acquired strength and vigor, it helps us to reach our desires and our interests, becoming the necessary driving force that pushes us to act overcoming difficulties. The two basic ingredients of willpower are there motivation and illusion, as the psychiatrist Enrique Rojas points out .

Will determines who we are and what we want

Everything starts from a desire, but to make it come true it is not enough to imagine it, it must instead truly transform into what we want, that is to say, something guided by our will and our motivation.

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Will is, at first, to choose . When we choose, at the same time we give up something, even when we don't we are making a choice, as the philosopher William James argued 'When we have to make a choice and we don't make it, it is already a choice'.

In the case of the will, choosing is betting on something we want and which is far from us, especially in the most difficult moments, which we will arrive at with a certain amount of effort and patience . The goal is a stimulus to act, especially in the most complicated moments. In some cases we can look positively at the goal, but the process to reach it is difficult and tiring. How then to foment willpower?

The first thing is to understand if it is something we really want to achieve and, once we get the affirmative answer, we will have to work hard without ever losing sight of the goal, in fact any effort in one way or another is rewarded. Only those who know how to wait can resort to the will without the haste to have everything immediately, but committing themselves with passion to reach their goal .

If you think about it, the real goal of the will will be to win above ourselves.

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Educating the will

As we have already told you, the will is like a muscle that can be trained . But how do you train it? To do this, you need to be aware of some things.

The will makes use of a gradual and progressive learning, through the repetition of actions from which, at times, we come out defeated, in which we struggle and fall, but in which we also have the strength sufficient to get up and to move on . It is as if we were acquiring habits, which, at first, involve a certain effort.

One of the fundamental things to take into consideration is that, in most cases, the benefits will not come immediately, but during a long path in which the freedom to make decisions is one of the fundamental factors of the core of the will. The will starts our path towards the realization of our personal project, which can present various obstacles that if we can overcome, will allow us to reach the maximum of our personal development .

Motivation must be our main engine that serves to generate the necessary strength towards the contents that move it. And for this, we must be clear about what we want in order to prepare the will for the fight. We need to identify and clarify the objectives, giving up everything that could be a distraction. We must keep in mind that we are cultivating what in the future will be our fruits, our will will be the seed we have planted and that will grow, as long as we take care of it, giving us the fruits every time we carry on our own. personal struggle overcoming the obstacles that we will encounter along the way . In this way, that is, through patience and perseverance, we will be able to exercise better control over ourselves and develop our capacity for will.

Finding a balance between the tools available and the goals we have set ourselves is also an important task. We need to find harmony between the end and the means, learning about our strengths and weaknesses, developing strategy and finding ways to compensate for personal attitudes and limitations .

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Let's not forget that the education process never ends, in fact life constantly surprises us with unexpected situations that force us to reorganize the skeleton of our personal trajectory and therefore our will. The education of the will is, therefore, an endless process .

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Finally, if at certain times we feel we don't have enough willpower, we can still ask ourselves why.

Are we doing something we really want? Is the effort we are making worth it? We can reach ours target or not? Because ? These are the right questions to ask.

With these questions we will be able to go to the origin of our lack of will and discover what is the real cause behind it. Often, our way of thinking and our beliefs can limit us in achieving our goals, we must always be careful .

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Image courtesy of Ian Arneson.