Man's brain during sex

The brain of

The human brain, during sex, is an ocean of mysterious changes that organize action, thoughts, emotions and sexual performance . In other words, what is commonly summed up in the expression 'being able to' , which becomes a complicated process.

It is certainly no secret that men are usually concerned about the size or shape of their penis . It should also be emphasized that this organ has always occupied a prominent position in both the male and female mind.

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Despite what males may think about their penis, size is what matters least to sexual performance. Another thing that women often ignore is that men also feel inhibition when it comes to showing their body and genitals .

They worry about what their partner might think (sexual or life-long), also fearing to disappoint him / her due to the size of their penis, physical appearance or their sexual behavior.


Dismantling false myths about the male organ

Although most men would like to have a bigger penis, 85% of women are satisfied with the size of their partner. The error lies in the culture, which has presupposed an ever greater sexual measure and power (this is not only erroneous , but also without need) .

Women, in fact, declare that they feel more attracted to other physical aspects, from the eyes to the muscles, passing through the smile or the shape of the jaw. Means that, sticking to the female opinion, the measurements are not the most important thing .

Furthermore, most men should not feel insecure about the size of their penis, since the length is on average much greater than that required inside a woman's vagina.

The penis on autopilot

Every man knows the ability of his penis to attract attention to himself without any conscious brain impulse, that is, to act of his own will. Some more, some less, everyone has been 'victim' of an involuntary erection.

Involuntary erections differ from true sexual arousal , since they are produced from unconscious signals from the brain and spinal cord, not from the conscious desire to have intercourse.


You must know that the real responsibility for sexual activation falls on the receptors of the testosterone , which are found in the spinal cord, testicles, penis and brain, in charge of activating the entire male reproductive system.

Many women are surprised that the penis can work with the automatic pilot and that erections cannot always be controlled.

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The brain during true sexual arousal

Contrary to what one might think, true male arousal does not start with the penis, but from the mind, generated by erotic images or thoughts. This means that, for the process to begin , the brain must consciously transmit relevant emotional and sexual information.

This is achieved thanks to the action of testosterone, which increases sexual interest and activates the relevant muscles to increase performance. So when a man feels sexually predisposed, he gets that his own visual cortex send a message to hypothalamus to start the hormonal engines of erection.


For this reason, a mental or physical image with a high sexual content can turn on the cerebral pleasure center, the nucleo accumbens . In this way, an expectation is created that favors the relationship.

In this way, brain activation is enhanced by physical contact, which in a context of excitement causes sexual tremors that go through the body and brain.

Thus, during the relationship, we can not only observe how the hypothalamus sends blood to the penis, but also as the activation of the circuits of the frontal wolf allow man to pay attention to sexual opportunity.

The human brain during orgasm

This arrangement allows the male to focus on “Promise land” : his brain will see the green light of the traffic light and will press on the accelerator. It is a moment in which the other brain areas pass into shadow, to avoid distractions and proceed to penetration with a gentle thrust, while the air is inhaled quickly to relieve sexual tension.

Exactly as it happens in the female brain , men tend to “disconnect” certain areas of their brain during intercourse . Be the center of alert and danger (the amygdala) both that of worry (anterior cingulate cortex) , at that time they must be 'Off' in order to take full advantage of sex.

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Once all this is achieved, the brain will be able to send blood to the genitals and favor the alignment of its neurochemical stars . This will ensure that man's excitement reaches that point of no return where he can only go to the maximum, reaching the climax.

In moments of maximum arousal, the male brain floods with norepinephrine, dopamine and oxytocin. This activates the cerebral area of ​​intense pleasure (the ventral tegmental area) and that of the inhibition of pain (the periaqueductal gray matter).

Thanks to all these changes, man will be able to achieve the climax and fully enjoy sexual contact. Nonetheless, it must be emphasized avoids behaving like a horse with free rein requires great self-control and strong emotional growth on the part of man characteristics that are achieved through hard inner work that women are often unaware of.

Sex in women: the brain relaxed lower than the belly

Sex in women: the brain relaxed lower than the belly

women only enjoy sex when their brains disconnect and neurochemical constellations align in the direction of orgasm

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