The psychological benefits of swimming

The psychological benefits of swimming

Swimming is a sport recommended for any age. It is an activity that allows you to keep fit not only the body, but also the mind. Compared to other sports, it is less dangerous and involves a large part of the body muscles. Furthermore, the psychological benefits of swimming are undeniable and numerous .

It is an escape from everyday problems and from the anxiety that derives from them. At the same time, this sport allows you to develop positive values ​​such as constancy and tenacity.

On a physical level, then, the benefits of swimming are unlimited. We are talking about a complete sport, excellent for cardiovascular training, endurance and toning. It is ideal for those who have suffered a convalescence following an injury or for those suffering from pain in the joints .

You should know that doctors recommend swimming in more than 80% of cases, from children to the elderly. In fact, studies reveal that swimming helps fight many diseases by creating a condition of physical and psychological well-being.

Research also points out that water has a tonic effect on the nervous system and that is why sports and water activities are recommended for those with mental problems .

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Swimming, therefore, has the extraordinary power to keep us fit and healthy. Do you know the psychological benefits of swimming? Read on to learn more.

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The psychological benefits of swimming

Reduces stress levels

Swimming reduces stress levels on par with any other physical activity. It is relaxing, promotes the supply of oxygen to the muscles, regulating breathing.

Moreover promotes the growth of new neurons in brain areas that are affected by the effects of chronic stress, positively affecting the ability to manage and deal with it stress .

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Brings energy

We usually feel tired and fatigued after playing any sport. Swimming, however, is the only sport that does not give this feeling: experts recommend swimming in the morning to start the day full of energy.

Strengthens self-esteem

Swimming allows you to train the whole body, therefore it helps to burn excess fat and tone the muscles. Consequently, increases self-confidence and self esteem , generating the so-called domino effect: if you feel good about yourself, it also improves your mood in a completely natural way .
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Increase brain power

Cardiovascular training allows oxygen-rich blood to flow effectively. This means a greater supply of oxygen to the brain and, consequently, a better performance by the body.

Thanks to swimming, other daily activities are easier to endure and concentration levels increase .

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Finally, among the psychological benefits of swimming is its antidepressant effect. Despite being an individual sport, swimming lessons can involve groups of people turning into a social experience. Overcoming the challenges that this sport offers is a great way to increase the feeling of personal satisfaction. With swimming the body release endorphins and neurotransmitters such as serotonin .

It is a unique way to play sports, in fact it combines the benefits of aerobic, anaerobic and resistance training without causing a strong impact on bones and muscles. What are you waiting for to start this wonderful sport today?

Benefits of sport on the mind

Benefits of sport on the mind

We don't want to do anything, it's raining and windy outside; in the gym there are many people and an artificial heat that we never get used to. But let's find out the benefits of sport.