Great loves: 3 unforgettable stories

Great loves: 3 unforgettable stories

Love has always had a magical touch, regardless of the circumstances in which it occurs. Everything becomes different, in some way everything is filled with poetry. Transform lovers. It is as if it gives them wings and renews their strength and energy with a special, characteristic vitamin. As proof of its power to bewitch hearts, today we will review the story of three great historical and unforgettable loves.

We are talking about relationships that, for one reason or another, have gone beyond the limits of normal . They had to overcome and overcome huge obstacles or succumb to them. They remained true to this love, despite adversity. This is why they have gone down in history.

There are many great historical loves. This time we bring back three. They are stories they tell of courageous and supportive lovers who remained united despite everything . They are true proof that love is a force with enormous power.

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'There are loves so beautiful that they justify all the madness they commit'. -Plutarch-

3 great loves

1. Manuelita and Bolívar: one of the great historical loves

Manuelita Saenz she was a woman who had everything anyone could want. She came from a rich family and had married an Englishman who adored her. She was young, beautiful, and one of Quito's most respected figures. On the same day that the independence of this province was consolidated, Manuela's life changed forever. A ball was held where she met the man she would love until his death : Simon Bolivar .

Manuelita and Bolivar

Manuelita left her husband, her land and her comforts to follow the Libertador (Liberator). He too fell in love with her. He called her “Mi amable loca” (My crazy adored). He stood beside him in the barracks and fought together with the Creole army . This earned her the rank of commander.

However, what made this one couple one of the great historical loves was her valiant attitude on the occasion of the so-called “September conspiracy”. Bolívar's enemies tried to kill him. Manuela brandished her sword and decided to face them. This gave his beloved time from Caracas time to escape. This woman went down in history as 'The liberator of the Liberator' (the liberator of the liberator) .

2. Abelardo ed Eloisa

Abelardo and Eloisa represent another great historical love. Pedro Abelardo was one of the wisest men of his time. He was a philosopher and theologian, but his fame has not reached our days for this. What made him famous was his tormented report with Eloisa . She was considered one of the most illustrious women of her era. He was her teacher when she was just 16.

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The two fell passionately in love and she became pregnant, which was very unusual for those times. Abelard kidnapped her and took her to his sister's house. There Astrolabe was born , which was entrusted to the care of relatives. Then they married in secret, so as not to ruin Abelard's canonical career. Her uncle, Eloisa's guardian, scolded her for not agreeing to make the marriage public. He even went so far as to beat her several times.

Abelard took Heloise to a monastery to protect her from her uncle. The latter, infuriated, had Abelard castrated. The two lovers never saw each other again. However, they never stopped keeping in touch through letters . In the 19th century they were gathered in the same tomb in Paris.

3. Edoardo VIII e Wallis Simpson

That of Edward VIII and Wallis simpson it is another of the great historical loves impossible to forget. This relationship has gained enormous worldwide fame because he renounced the throne of England in order to marry her. They met with supporters and detractors. Many saw in them one of the most romantic loves of the twentieth century. Others, a antics.

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The British have never forgiven the sovereign for making this decision. Great historical loves sometimes clash with more practical issues, such as power. It was 1936 and Europe was about to face war. Edward VIII had a reputation for being temperamental and weak of character. Churchill went so far as to say that the whole of the UK had to thank Wallis Simpson for freeing the country of the bad king that would be .

The truth is that the heir to the throne had fallen madly in love with Wallis Simpson and gave up everything to be close to her. What followed was disconcerting. The couple led a completely frivolous life. From party to party, of travel travelling. They left endless debts left and right, paying nowhere. She enjoyed the humiliations she inflicted on him and he fell in love more each day. He endured everything, even his blatant infidelity.

Certainly there are many relationships that have never become great historical loves, although they deserved it. The strength of a great love is superior to everything. In this sense, its protagonists are lucky, no matter how dearly they paid for it.

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