Film about feminism not to be missed

Film about feminism not to be missed

The feminist movement seems to be growing relentlessly and March 8, 2018 was a crucial date in this sense. 5 million women, driven by a courage rarely manifested in such a powerful way, have made the streets of the cities their own and made themselves heard. For its part, cinema is a useful tool in this struggle for women's rights; that's why in this article we talk about 3 film about feminism .

Each with their own emotional baggage following, aware of carrying an invisible weight on their shoulders, these women have raised their spirit, they shouted their anger, they made others feel their pain and they all scream together to voice their claims . To convey a feminist message.

With a jacket or a dreadlock hairstyle, bank managers or students, all there, together, because we all live the same experience: discrimination, or violence or the glass bubble. We all experience the same oppression, even if the story of each of us is different.

I film about feminism we are about to talk about are the reflection of the struggle of three women who want to stand out in a world of men who stigmatize them, attack them and do not respect them. Strong and courageous women, just like the ones we hear about every day.

3 films on feminism

A wife , against the taboo of female mental illness

Directed by John Cassavetes, one of the most acclaimed directors of independent cinema, the film tells the difficult situation that a family is forced to live through due to the mother's illness , Mabel (masterfully played by Gena Rowlands , who for this role won the Golden Globe for Best Actress and received an Oscar nomination).

Mabel manifests some very particular expressions, some tics that make her impertinent, but never violent or threatening. Her husband Nick is a worker (played by Peter Falk, a famous actor known for his portrayal of Lieutenant Columbus); He treats her like there's something wrong with her.

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In a world dominated by testosterone, Mabel prepares lunch, cares about Nick's guests and co-workers and he wants everything to be perfect, that others have fun. His attitude is peculiar, he does not always respect the limits of friendliness and kindness, but he does everything he can to make others feel good.

Mabel e Nick

Yet Nick doesn't stop labeling her behavior, yells at her and doesn't appreciate it what it does for him. He humiliates her in front of everyone and does not respect her spaces, her way of expressing herself in the social context.

Throughout the film you will notice that the people around Mabel are not used to an out-of-the-box personality, deeply sensitive and full of affection for her family. Her reactions are increasingly extreme because her husband's behavior is incoherent and suffocating.

Nick doesn't know how to behave well with her wife ; it contradicts himself with his words, in the way he looks at her and treats her. Mabel finds herself trapped in these levels of communication. The same person who says he loves her stigmatizes her in front of everyone. Perhaps Nick, like everyone else, thinks that a woman with an excessive expression can only be a disturbed woman.

Here is the powerful feminist message: children, who have not yet embraced the typical prejudices of adults, love Mabel because mother ; the way she shows herself unique, as well as her intense displays of affection. Perhaps we could deduce that Mabel's real problem is not psychiatric in nature, but the ignorance and machismo that surrounds her.

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Alanis , message on women's independence

Alanis (played by Sofia Gala Castiglione) is an Argentine prostitute who works in a dating house alongside her colleague Gisela. One day the police raid the apartment accusing Gisela of exploiting prostitution. Alanis is taken away from her house, so the woman is forced to look for a place to live with son .

The young woman begins to work hard to raise some extra money, even going to the customers' homes with her son. Alanis's situation is desperate, but she doesn't show it. With stoicism and composure, Alanis has no time for complaints. Once again, he has to fight to survive.

She doesn't care who treats her as a victim, or who insults her or who makes her feel like a bad mother. No one has ever given her anything, but she doesn't want to arouse pain. He simply wants to take the reins of his life and give his son a roof over his head.

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The film does not give room for judgments. Alanis does not give weight to those who judge her, because she does not show the slightest interest in wanting to change her life. In reality he does not know what he wants, but instead of provoking compassion in the observer, it leaves him speechless.

Think only about the present and try to make it as bearable as possible, without being accountable to anyone. Here is the feminist message. Controversial and direct, because it gives no way to feel compassion or to see her as a victim, to label her. Alanis is the architect of his own destination and she does not care that someone may consider her only 'junk'. She is sure of herself and doesn't joke about it: she doesn't want to confirm or change the viewer's mind.

Paulina , feminist message on the right to choose

Paulina (played by Dolores Fonzi) is a woman who has it all. She comes from a good family in Buenos Aires, with a bright professional future ahead, a high-level education and a boyfriend and a father who love and respect her.

Paulina expresses concerns that one would not expect from the daughter of a renowned lawyer, who grew up in a middle-class environment. He dreams of doing something concrete in his professional path, something that contributes to improving people's lives and he wants to do it by fighting on the front line.

So he decides to teach in an institute in an Argentine region plagued by poverty, violence and unemployment. He knows and feels that right there are people who need to be heard by someone who cares about their education and to make them aware of their human rights. They think it's a phase, yet Paulina doesn't want expiration dates.

Arriving in the new school, she feels excited and disheartened by an environment she does not know, but which she respects. One night, after spending the evening at a new friend's house, Paulina takes her bike back home. On the way, some men attack her and violent .

From this moment, the viewer may begin to feel uncomfortable and not share the protagonist's choices. According to Paulina, when there is poverty there is no justice, only culprits.

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For this reason, she will be the one to investigate to find out why this horrible fact happened to her and she does not hesitate to go back to work and try to find out who is the culprit. Once she finds out that she is pregnant, Paulina will make an unexpected decision that will end up straining the patience of the people around her.

But that's how she is, she is a woman who makes her own decisions without expecting to be considered a heroine, but rather putting her own judgment before everything.

Although it is widely believed that women all behave the same in the face of a traumatic event, this film on feminism reminds us that thousands of women follow their instincts, without claiming to be understood by everyone.

Female interpretations that leave their mark

Female interpretations that leave their mark

There are some unmissable female interpretations. Roles expressly written by and for women that we absolutely must see.