Movies that make you think: 10 titles to see

The films that make you think do not necessarily have to be auteur or in the program of an independent festival. Some cool, fun and easy-to-eat films can convey values ​​and feelings. We talk about it in this article.

Movies that make you think: 10 titles to see

It is not impossible to find films that make us think and at the same time give us relaxing hours. In this article we present some films that convey a profound message. Sometimes even a funny or easy-to-eat movie can change the way we think.

It is not necessary to be at an independent film festival to discover a film capable of arousing our curiosity, questioning our values, appealing to our conscience or making us see reality from another point of view.

Sometimes we feel the need to see a film capable of transmitting an exciting, profound, vibrant message. Many cinephiles are convinced that this kind of films can only be found outside the commercial circuits. Then we explore independent or auteur cinema, for example all the filmography of Andrey Tarkovsky or by Jean-Luc Godard. In fact, we're going to reveal some films that make you think while being unpretentious and simple.

1st film that make you think

Haciko - Your Best Friend (2009)

If you have cried more with this film than in front of the ending of Million Dollar Baby or Titanic , you are in the group of 'diehard four-legged friends'.

Hachiko is a sentimental gem. It shows how deep the emotional bond between a human being and one's own can be pet . It also speaks to us of dogs' infinite loyalty to their master, their limitless love. A moving and beautiful film.

Dirty Dancing (1987)

Yes, the iconic dance movie of the 80s Dirty Dancing it remains a beautiful and funny film like few others. The central argument is that of social disparities.

We witness the courage of a daughter who asks her father, a doctor and bourgeois, a favor to bail out a woman she barely knows. And we understand that the dance and the good vibes cross the borders of geographic origin and social class. Even if you are not a dance teacher.

Sarcastic and winner of 4 Academy Awards: Parasite (2019)

Parasite it is a film with three levels of depth: aesthetically beautiful, it develops lightly and hides a terrible depth. The critique of capitalism, social classes and the meritocracy trap is not direct.

It is enough to observe, understand and be amazed by an ordinary story, but well adapted to the metaphor it represents. An ironic film capable of making you think .

Compelling and mysterious: The cider house rules (1999)

An easy movie to watch, but with a lot of dramatic stories in the background. A wonderful interpretation of Michael Caine transports us to a reality of abandoned children, troubled young mothers who no one wants to help and terrible family secrets hidden in a cider season.

At the end of this light film we will know that in Maine there are princes who will never become kings and that, often, those who dictate the rules do so knowing that they will never have to follow them.

Movies that make you think: Good Bye, Lenin! (2003), funny and historical

There is only one mother, so it is necessary to take care of her physical and mental health. This captivating film, with a Daniel Bruhl in great shape, transports us with irony into a moment of transition and presents us with a very important chapter of the story.

We will understand how dreams can be entrusted to a wall, real or symbolic, and that sometimes to stay alive it is important to believe in something, be it achievable or utopian.

A film about teaching: Dangerous thoughts (nineteen ninety five)

A film from the 90s, with an excellent soundtrack, a young and beautiful teacher played by Michelle Pfeiffer and a problematic class. It would seem a predictable film, but the intertwining of the stories manages to keep the narrative level high.

History tells us that the awake / slow, bad / good student dichotomy is useless when circumstances are extreme, but that education can change lives rather than drugs or delinquency.

A film about the thousandth of a second: Match point (2005)

A film directed by Woody Allen on the frivolity of some social circles and on hypocrisy. A story of passion, sensuality and a more indirect and difficult to accept message: the match point .

There are thousandths of a second that can change our life forever and in these moments we are not given to know whether what will happen is right or wrong.

Movies that make you think about love and betrayal: Wind of passions (nineteen ninety five)

It deserves to be seen when both are in the mood for an entertainment film of average quality. In addition to the beautiful soundtrack, the dilemma it proposes is not one of the most trivial.

If it's already complicated to fall in love with your best friend's woman, what if it's the girlfriend of your younger brother who dies in the war? Wind of passions it reminds us that, sometimes, feelings don't find affirmation in real life , authentic as they are. Deep and painful.

Movies that make you think about family truths: Little Miss Sunshine

A family on a journey to allow little Olive to win the Little Miss Sunshine national beauty contest. The main characters are a weird grandfather, a father coach who believes in a theory of success that he cannot achieve, a brother who has taken a vow of silence, a homosexual uncle in creative crisis and a mother on the verge of a crisis.

they are not there for anyone

The journey and the contest will prove that there is no canon of beauty for happiness and success. Perhaps the real challenge is being a happy family rather than a perfect family.

A romantic comedy or maybe not: (500) days together , (2009)

The film warns us immediately: we will not see the typical love story. This statement is either false or true, it depends on your point of view. If you have ever lived a one-sided love story (in which you weren't reciprocated) or if it happened only in your mind, a full-blown romantic story will appear.

What is certain is that if we don't get caught up in catastrophism, the film shows us how it can be heartbreaking to love and not receive it. But in reality, there is no logical reason why it should happen and we just have to watch the passing of the seasons of the year, as the protagonist does.

The titles presented are some examples of how one can enjoy a film without feeling obliged to make a philosophical dissertation. You may know other films capable of this type, but with these you can spend a couple of hours of leisure.

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