How to free your mind

How to free your mind

After reading many articles on meditation, you have decided to wear comfortable clothing, take the lotus position, close your eyes and wait for your mind to clear. However, this feeling never seems to come; having the feeling of clearing your mind is more complicated than we think.

Learning to free your mind usually generates some difficulties, especially at the beginning or even when we are too stressed. In this article we explain how to solve the problem.

The mind has no 'on / off'

The problem lies in the fact that the mind is not a device that can be disconnected or turned off (Luckily). The process is a bit more complicated, you don't just pull out the plug or press a switch; therefore, how to completely free the mind ?

In reality, the question we should ask ourselves is: do I need to put the brain in stand-by to meditate? The professors will certainly say yes, but it does not seem to be a 'sine qua non' condition for obtaining the much desired 'enlightenment'.

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Because? Because it is a bit complicated to be able to make thoughts fade as if by magic, taking into account that we cannot turn off our mind when we want.

Maybe you just need to close your eyes and pay attention to what happens to your body, for example, the air entering the lungs or the spine which begins to require a posture that it considers better (because it is used to bending all day). Why not take advantage of this moment to listen music relaxing, the chirping of birds or the sea breeze?

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Ideas will come without asking… and they will go away in the same way. The more we try to push them away, the more they will peep out strongly. We must not fight against them, but become friends and wait for them to follow their path alone.

One cannot blow and empty the mind

Many hope (including me) that the mind becomes completely empty when meditating. However, the goal is not exactly this, but to achieve serenity and above all the ability to realize what is happening.

On the other hand, if your mind is distracted with some thoughts, rather than being sad because you have not obtained 'cerebral purity', you should be happy! It means that you have remained attentive to what surrounds you and that there are ideas that are buzzing in your head and that you have to solve or on which you have to work.

Meditating helps us to clarify

We have to start thinking that meditation is not one effort or a struggle, but a self-observation , the best way to achieve peace.

Is it possible that there is calm in the coming and going of thoughts? Maybe yes, it all depends on us. Try this new way of meditating and then explore its benefits. Certainly it will have positive aspects and others less, but with certainty meditation will have helped you to calm down a little and even to see from another perspective some inconvenience or thoughts that didn't make you sleep.

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Furthermore, between every thought that will appear in your mind, there will be “blank” spaces, sometimes more extended and others less, but empty in any case! These moments of mental clarity or cathartic silence will allow you to enjoy your experience.

With practice, moreover, you will be able to make these moments more frequent and longer. The point is not to do everything to make it happen, but to let it be a consequence of constant meditation. Dedicate yourself only to enjoying the journey, path or path. What you will follow will be a beautiful path and it is worth waiting as long as necessary to reach the goal.

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The path is made by walking

Once you have reached the goal, you will realize that in reality the most important thing, as always, is the path; this applies to any situation in everyday life!

The advantages of meditate they are not only present when you sit with your legs crossed and your eyes closed, not even when you spend all day doing 'om' or listening to mantras. Meditation can nourish you at any time of day, even when you are working, traveling by subway or preparing dinner.

Your every action can be a meditation , because you don't have to empty your mind to do it right! The crucial aspect, as you have certainly noticed, is to pay attention to what is happening at the moment. Get this slip thoughts will come sooner than expected, do not worry.

One day a man asked Buddha: 'What are you and your disciple doing?' He replied, 'We sit, walk and eat.' 'But any person can sit, walk and eat,' said the man. “When we sit down, we are aware that we are sitting; when we walk, we are aware that we are walking; when we eat, we are aware that we eat, ”replied the sage.
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