Black Mirror: the lost gave an expensive person

Black Mirror: the lost gave an expensive person

Black Mirror is a British series whose episodes are completely independent from each other, even the actors always change. This is not an anthological series in the style of American Horror Story , each episode is like a short film, with completely different actors, characters and scenarios. The seasons also don't follow an order and don't have the same number of episodes.

Black Mirror usually tends to make us adopt a critical position on the use we make of new technologies . It does this by presenting a future dystopico or extreme situations.

Black Mirror : Be right back

The first episode of the second season of Black Mirror It is entitled Be right back (in Italian, Come back to me ). In this episode we meet a young couple: Martha and Ash. Ash is a man addicted to social network , from the beginning we see how he publishes his life on the networks and is totally absorbed in it.

This addiction annoys Martha, because even when she talks to him or asks for help, he is always distracted by his smartphone and doesn't pay attention to her. It is a rather realistic portrait of the use we make of social media and how, at times, even in company, we pay more attention to the mobile phone than to the person

feeling uncomfortable around people

At the beginning of the episode, Ash tells Martha that her mother, after the death of her brother and father, had removed all the photos that were in the living room and placed them in the attic. In the next scene, Ash has a car accident and dies.

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After Ash's death, Marta becomes apathetic, does not speak, does not cry ... During the funeral, a friend starts talking to her about a strange application that will help her 'deal with'the lost , Marthareacts with anger, experiences a state of denial. However, she will eventually accept her friend's suggestion.

The application in question is able to 'give back' life, because it performs a complete monitoring of all the data of a person on the network and can reproduce his speech with total precision. Ash was addicted to social networks, which is why he is the perfect individual to retrieve, with more information and more precision in the reproduction of his words.

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Martha starts chatting with 'Ash' and is amazed at how exactly she looks like her boyfriend. The application tells her it can reproduce Ash's voice, so they start talking on the phone.

Losing a loved one is always hard, it can be very difficult to accept, and sometimes you need to seek professional help. Martha denies thedeathand, faced with this denial, the possibility of resurrecting Ash arises, which is why he agrees to enter a very risky spiral.

Mourning in Black Mirror

Grief is a slow and painful process that requires a lot of effort , but it is necessary to face it and go through all its stages to successfully overcome it. Accepting that a loved one has died does not mean forgetting them, our loved ones can live in our memory, but it is necessary to look to the future and accept the loss in order to move forward.

Martha has the opportunity to 'not have to say goodbye' , to revive Ash and, in such a delicate moment, he accepts it. It may be a bit disturbing to see this episode, but most of us would most likely fall into temptation if the opportunity arose to postpone the farewell.

Martha closes in on herself and puts the living aside , forgetting even the appointments made. A key moment is when Martha has an anxiety attack after accidentally breaking the phone she uses to talk to Ash. In that moment she feels that she has lost him again, that Ash has left her again. And it is at this point that the application tells her that she can take another step forward.

'The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living'


This further step is the buy a bionic doll that will take on Ash's form, talk like him, and ultimately be a clone. However, he is still a robot, devoid of feelings, and Martha begins to tire. What at first seemed like a good idea now arouses rejection.

Martha later discovers she is pregnant, which will make it even more difficult for her to accept his loss. The news of the pregnancy causes her rejection and sadness because she is unable to live it with Ash.

Eventually the copy of Ash will be too much for Martha, who will end up dealing with the situation. Ash is dead and there is no going back, so Martha locks her copy in the attic, just as Ash's mother did with photographs of her dead. At the end of the episode we see her a few years later with her daughter, the girl addresses Ash by calling him by his name and not dad because he is a copy of her father. Think like him, talk like him and it's like him, but is he really Ash?


Black Mirror and new technologies

The series is mainly focused on the use of new technologies, but this episode deserves particular attention because it is more human and closer to the viewer.

What use do we make of social networks? To what extent are we protected on the internet? The application was able to accurately recreate Ash, his way of speaking, his voice, his tastes ... Even his physical appearance, yes, but that of a beautiful day, in the best of its versions because, as explained from Ash's copy, we all upload our best photos to social networks.

V go there worth thinking about: is the image we give of ourselves on the internet a real image or is it a mirage? We only show what we want to see and the competition to be the best in everything is palpable. Every time we share something online, it will remain there until the end of the virtual world and, consequently, a part of us will remain there. In a sense, social networks are a tool forimmortality.

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The application knows everything about Ash, that is all l and the information he shared was not really protected, because it was an external application she was able to know everything about him. If we think about the number of people who access social networks on a daily basis, we realize that this information is infinite and we don't know to what extent it can be protected.

The creation of the copy takes place in a dark and cold tank, something already anticipates that not everything will be perfect, that we will see a sort of monster of Frankenstein . This resurrection has a dark side that goes beyond overcoming the loss of a loved one , because it also leads us to ask ourselves how and to what extent we are aware of the impact that social networks have on our lives.

'Life is nothing but a walking shadow'

-William Shakespeare-

Mourning therapy: how to face goodbye

Mourning therapy: how to face goodbye

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