Being 50: long live middle age!

Being 50: long live middle age!

Just a few decades ago, women in their 50s were seen as sweet grandmothers . It was taken for granted that at this age they would already have to prepare for their imminent retirement from work and that their love life, whatever it was, was now a resolved and defined topic.

One of the most evident cultural changes in recent years is precisely that of the role according to age . And this was reflected above all on the woman. Before, for example, it was not uncommon for girls to be married at 18. Today, however, most girls at this age have no short-term marriage plans.

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether they are 20 or 80. Anyone who continues to learn will remain young ”.

when the man fails to ejaculate

-Henry Ford-

The same happened with middle-aged women. 50 years are no longer that age to 'get out of circulation' . On the contrary, many women are observed to take advantage of this phase of their life to make productive assessments and to live new experiences that had been set aside, especially for lack of time.

It is known, for example, that the number of fifty-year-olds who divorce is increasing more and more. Equally high is the number of women who set up a business or start a particular business at this age. As is clear, far from feeling that it is all over now, many women at this age are aiming for a new beginning.

Middle-aged women

Middle age is a phase of great change, in every sense . The biological clock indicates that the fertile cycle has ended. The skin is not as firm as before and it turns out that the lines of the smile they stay there, even when you're serious. We can no longer eat a slice of pizza at midnight without it resting on our stomach.

Physical changes bring with them phases of profound instability. The woman at this age has to get used to living in a new body and it is not always easy. He must also accept that the reference models with which to evaluate his own appearance must be others. Some never accept it and try to relive the twenty-year-old girl she once was.

sense of anxiety in the chest

50 is also an age of balance. They have acquired considerable experience and maturity. At the same time, there is still great vitality, even if life gives us little warnings about the arrival of 'decline'. For this reason, for many women, it is time to make important decisions that they had previously postponed.

Your way of understanding love and the couple is now very different. We love with greater serenity. Fifty-year-olds today feel more capable of letting go and letting go . Because of this, their relationships are freer and healthier. There is more realism and expectations towards the love acquire more exact dimensions.

The job role in a wonderful age

Some had children, so they had to divide their time between work and the education of the children. Many feel that they have done both in half. However, at this age, the activity of educators is usually already concluded. Children are now seen as independent people who do not need maternal protection to continue living.

Most of the fifties work. No longer having to grow their own sons , usually they dedicate themselves to that work that could have been experienced as an obstacle in other times, but which has now become a fundamental element of their life. It is common to discover new motivations or goals . Many women at this age decide to go to university or to enroll in courses on topics of interest to them.

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50 is an excellent age to face new professional challenges . The work experience can be considerable and many feel the time has come to move on to the next stage. Maybe they start their own business or redirect their professional life. This is a great time to do it.

Some learn to live in another, higher quality way. It is a favorable time for this . Others, on the other hand, succumb to a useless nostalgia for the past years and that will not return. It is possible that they get a little depressed. However, all 50-year-olds certainly have the tools they need to get their lives in order and enjoy an age in which everything can be better.

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