7 conversation topics that will help us in any situation

7 conversation topics that will help us in any situation

Conversing is the best way to get to know others and make yourself known to them. Many say it is an art, and they are right, because not all of them offer interesting topics of conversation. Especially nowadays, given that face-to-face meetings are scarce and words tend to be extremely concise.

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A good conversation must touch on issues that arouse the interest of both interlocutors . There is nothing more boring than 'conversing' with someone who wants to impart teachings or who is only interested in bringing the other to have the same point of view. For this to be truly a conversation, both parties must have the ability to hear and speak.

There are foolproof conversation topics to kickstart a constructive conversation . They revolve around topics that interest most people and allow everyone to intervene. They are small aids to facilitate interaction, they create a favorable atmosphere for two or more people to come into confidence. Here are 7 of these conversation topics.

'A good conversation must exhaust the topic, not the interlocutors'.

-Winston Churchill-

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1. A conversation that does not disappoint: childhood

A conversation related to childhood not only entertains, but also allows you to deepen the life of the other person . Childhood is a phase that profoundly marks our life. As difficult or harsh as it may have been, it always includes fantastic and heartwarming episodes that everyone likes to recall.

The ideal is that the conversation focuses on anecdotes of childhood . Surely we all have something to tell about the early years of school, the first friends, the games we loved to play, the characters we admired, the reproaches we got and those we managed to escape ... In short, there is a lot to tell.

2. Travel anecdotes

We will hardly have any trips to talk about. Travels are always an excursion into the unknown, which is why they bring us back with new discoveries, surprises and knowledge .

This topic also has an additional plus: it usually turns out to be pleasant for all interlocutors. It's not just about sharing experiences, all the information can eventually come in handy in a future trip . Furthermore, these anecdotes allow us to get to know people well, give clues about their approach to novelty and change.

3. Movies and books

Films are another topic of discussion that is not alien to anyone. To talk about movies, you don't need to be a dog lover. We have all seen a film that touched us deeply, weep with laughter or that didn't reveal any illuminating truth to us. . Cinema is a meeting point and also a starting point for many friendships.

Of course, we can also talk about television . There are TV series from every era that have gathered millions of viewers in front of the screen. There are also soap operas, channels or special productions that have had a great following. All good productions trigger positive or negative comments, giving the opportunity to start interesting conversations.

4. Music

Who doesn't like the music ? It is an art that has existed since the origins of man . It is present in all cultures and in all eras. It is obviously a universal language in which there are no social, racial, religious, ideological differences. Two people can think differently in many areas, nevertheless, they can have a great musical affinity.

If we want to have a pleasant conversation, knowledge and teaching on musical genres, interpreters or technicalities are not needed. Music unites when everyone can freely express their personal tastes . When they can talk about what music awakens in them or tell anecdotes of their life in which music has been the protagonist.

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5. Animals (domestic and otherwise)

Humans have lived with pets for thousands of years . They are not simply an additional inhabitant in our homes, they become part of our life, family and loved ones. Talking about pets will always allow for a cheerful conversation.

We have all heard or read stories about animals. We are interested in their behavior and their way of life . We are interested in knowing them better, in order to get to know human beings better, whether by contrast or by similarity. The topic 'animals' rarely does not trigger a good conversation. Furthermore, it allows us to get an idea of ​​how others relate to different and vulnerable living beings.

6. Food

Talking about the foods we like or hate generally turns out to be a topic of conversation that entertains everyone . Explain why we like mushrooms cooked in butter and give excellent arguments for not eating spinach. To some it may seem futile as an argument, but in reality it touches an extremely human and everyday sphere.

It is interesting to share experiences on exotic dishes that everyone can understand that they have tried or talking about stories related to food, such as the time we were offered something strange and we didn't even know where to start eating it or when we tasted a delicious dish and only later realized that it was something revolting. No doubt everyone has something to say about food.

7. Sports and passions

It can be safely said that there is no person in the world who has no passion . We all have free time during which we dedicate ourselves to doing something we like. Some do it more consciously, for others it is not so clear. The fact remains that we all enjoy doing some “free” activity, whether it is taking care of the plants, watching television, being in contact with nature.

It is also common to have a favorite sport, whether you play or watch it. Since sport implies competence, it is possible that some conversations end up being controversial, so care must be taken when touching this topic.

In short, all the topics of conversation that start a pleasant chat allow us to get to know others better and let us know . It is always worth listening to others. Each person gives us a significant contribution simply by dedicating time to share. And it's always worth talking about us with others. No conversation is trivial, because in one way or another it binds us to the world.

5 strategies to strike up an interesting conversation

5 strategies to strike up an interesting conversation

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