5 ways to relax

5 ways to relax

All day always in a rush: “I arrive late for work, I have to deliver a report, I have to study for an exam, I have to prepare dinner, the children have to go to school”… and the list goes on.

This is why the very famous (unfortunately) stress is enemy number 1 in today's society . It seems like we are always running out of time and it is because of this frenetic, almost desperate rhythm that diseases and problems appear, such as anxiety, depression, nerves, muscle pain, to name a few.

It is important to 'stop' for a while with a rest and relaxation session. It won't take long and the results are guaranteed and very effective. Set aside i problems , responsibilities and the daily routine to think about serenity, tranquility and well-being, even if only for a few minutes . It is not difficult, you just have to try and enjoy a little relaxation.

5 steps to relax and eliminate stress

1. Breathe deeply : It has been shown that in a moment of great tension, such as an intense day at work or an argument with your partner, breathing until the lungs are full is a way to automatically relax. Try it and you will see. Look for a quiet place, away from the noise and not frequented by other people. It can be the office, your room or a park. Close the eyes and inhale through the nose slowly and deeply. just think of the air that is entering your body. When you feel that your lungs are completely filled, hold your breath for a few seconds and then slowly exhale through your mouth. . You don't have to think about anything else except to focus on the air that enters and leaves your body. Take 20 deep breaths this way. Take a break and repeat the exercise. Do this whenever you feel the need, until you are completely calm. For best results, with each exhalation, mentally repeat 'I am relaxed and there is nothing that disturbs me'.

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2. Imagine a white wall : some think of a white painting, it's the same thing. In the same place that you have chosen for the previous exercise or another, close your eyes and imagine a white wall or a white painting in front of you, with its imperfections and its details. Concentrate only on this and your mind will have no room for anything else. It will help you to 'break' the circle of thoughts ruminants, an expression with which psychologists indicate the continuous brain conversations .

3. Listen to relaxing music : you know more than anyone else what you need to relax. Do you know the saying 'music calms wild beasts'? Nothing closer to reality. A sweet melody, with few words, for example, will help you to relieve tension. Among the most listened to genres are classical music and also ambient or new age music. Find the sound that is able to restore your calm. Close your eyes and focus your attention on music , abandon yourself completely to the melody, imagine the notes that envelop you and help eliminate stress, think of a flowing river, the wind that takes away all the bad things and the clouds of the sky that disappear until it is completely celestial with the sun shining .

4. Enjoy nature : being in contact with bushes, birds, fresh air, trees, flowers, butterflies, the sea is truly a relaxing thing. We are not saying that it is enough to go to the beach or to the countryside to calm down in a minute, you have to work harder. When you go for a walk outdoors, enjoy these moments to the fullest. Keep in mind that you don't have many opportunities to feel free, away from the concrete of the city buildings, from traffic, from smog, etc. . Don't think about your problems even for a moment, learn to enjoy the environment that surrounds you, the birdsong or the evening breeze, the sound of the waves on the rocks, etc. If you want to close your eyes to concentrate better, so be it.

5. Take a warm bath : when you come home from work tired after a seemingly endless day, fill the tub and pour in some bath salts. Light a scented candle and stay in the tub for a few minutes. This will not only help you release tension, but it will also be a way to pamper your skin and hair. You can combine this exercise with others mentioned above, such as breathing, white wall or relaxing music. You will come out of the bathtub completely reborn. Some people, especially the women , they take advantage of it to get a facial cleansing, a manicure, massages, etc. . All of this will be good for the health and well-being of your body, the important thing is to leave problems in the office or outside the bathroom door.

Finally, don't put too much pressure on yourself. If the first time you use these exercises they don't work, repeat them the next day. At first it will be difficult to 'detach' from the problems because the mind it is made to 'talk' all the time . With a little training and practice, you will learn to silence her in the moments of relaxation that you so deserve and need.