3 behaviors that make the plant of love wither

3 behaviors that make the dell plant wither

Starting a relationship is always nice because of the adrenaline, the emotions that we feel and the perfection we attribute to the partner. With the passage of time, however, each can begin to adopt a different role from that hoped for by the other. Everything is no longer as wonderful as it was in the beginning and, without either of us realizing it, the plant of love begins to wither.

Love is like a plant that must be watered every day because, if it does not receive enough water, it dries up and withers. Even otherwise, when the plant gets too much water, it ends up to die . For this reason, in a couple relationship it is essential to find balance with freedom.

There are some behaviors that favor the withering of the love plant that are carried out almost without realizing it. Trust your intuition and dwell on the signals in order to understand if radical changes are needed or, on the contrary, if you enjoy a healthy and balanced love.

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'Age does not protect from love. But love protects against age. '
-Jeanne Moreau-

Feed the negativity

A stressful job, not having time to shop, a rude neighbor or a broken refrigerator ... these are all everyday situations that, when added together, make us very negative. A negativity that we will pass on in many areas, but above all to our partner.

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Discharging all your negative thoughts on your partner is an exaggerated burden, which he / she doesn't deserve. The negativity does not disappear, it closes itself in an emotional backpack that can weigh so much that, in the end, it breaks the back of the wearer. Complaints drown the soul of those who say them and those who listen to them; so instead of complaining so much, why don't you try to solve the problems?

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An occasional negative attitude is not a dangerous threat to the couple, but when every day becomes dark and this becomes a way of life, then the plant of love will begin to wither.

Put anything before your partner

Life is often stressful: children, friends, work, hobbies, lo studio … It seems that whatever prevents you from finding a moment to enjoy life as a couple. What if your partner takes the time to do any activity, except devote himself to you? Then the couple is destroyed, because no partner can stand to always be second choice.

Putting the person you share your life with before, making them feel important and being able to count on their opinion are three of the best ways to nurture love. It is not a question of giving up friends, but of dedicating time to everyone and that this is associated with positive emotions, which strengthens the couple in a natural way, leaving out the daily stress.

couple dances in the dark ' True love is not self-love, but what allows the lover to open up to others and to life; does not poison, does not isolate, does not refuse, does not persecute: it accepts. '
-Antonio Gala -

To extinguish the flame of passion

While it is true that in a couple it is essential to be able to communicate honestly, it is also true that the passion is an essential ingredient for the relationship to follow a good path and, for this reason, a little mystery is not bad every now and then.

Both men and women women they desire and need physical affection from their partner and, when they constantly refuse intimacy, problems are imminent. Sex is a wonderful time to bring a couple closer and maximize the emotional bond.

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There are days when you don't have enough time or are too tired, but it is important to water the plant of love with the water of passion. Sex and love must go hand in hand for a relationship to work.

If you have a stable relationship, you will probably be surprised to know that, in addition to yourself, you must also take care of the other. Much of your partner's well-being and happiness is conditioned by your choices and actions. For this reason, it is important to be aware that the small things in the couple are the ones that bring great results.